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Khazalid Runes

This Khazalid Lexicon contains a list of all the words and phrases of the Khazalid languages found in the many publications of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar


The following is a Lexicon containing a list of words and phrases, and their meanings, of all the Duardin languages and dialects, including Khazalid, Old Khazalid, and Kharadrid, as well as those used by the Dispossessed, Fyreslayers, and those Duardin who have fallen to Chaos. These words and phrases will be presented in alphabetical order.

Term Meaning Dialect
Adaz kronn Death by a thousand axes.[17a]
Aethrigen A unit for measuring aetheric radiation. Five aethrigens of aetheric radiation is enough to drop a duardin stone dead.[21a] Kharadrid
Angazuben Aetherically anchored banner-poles left in cardinal directions around a claimed plot. Newly discovered aether-gold deposits must be marked with angazuben before they can be considered the property of any sky-port.[2c] Kharadrid
Ang Iron.[3b]
Ang Drak Literally 'Iron Dragon' - The name of an Arkanaut Ironclad in the service of Barak-Zilfin.[3b]
Angdruk kanz! An expression literally translating to That's the bolt threaded!But more commonly translated as Bullseye![21a]
Anu Dammaz Soon a grievance will be avenged[15b]
Azgildum Signification unclear, but it is used to refer to Disciples of Tzeentch.[5b]
Bakraz Berserker; madman or nutter.[16c]
Barak Sky-port, city - Term generally used to designate kharadron sky-ports.[1n][1o][1p][1q][1r][1s] Kharadrid
Barak-Kol City of Ashes.[7a] Kharadrid
Barak-Mhornar City of Shadow.[1r] Kharadrid
Barak-Nar City of the First Sunrise.[1n] Kharadrid
Barak-Thryng City of the Ancestors.[1s] Kharadrid
Barak-Urbaz Market City.[1q] Kharadrid
Barak-Zilfin Windswept City.[1o] Kharadrid
Barak-Zon City of the Sun.[1p] Kharadrid
Barazakdum Literally 'Doom-oath'.[7d] Kharadrid
Bokak A curse word.[6b]
Bozdok Kharadrid word meaning hard-headed fool.[21a] Kharadrid
Burz Mulnkuremon The name of a Kharadron frigate, roughly translates to 'Golden Flying Fortress'.[12a] Kharadrid
Bryn Anything that is shiny or brillant; gold which shine strikingly in the sunlight.[1k][2c]
Brynruf When the sun shines gold over Chamon.[1k] Each wind cycle a Musterpress shall be held upon the Brynruf. This shall consist of six days of physical competition and rigorous examinations, the nature of which shall be decided individually by each sky-port’s Admirals Council. Upon the culmination of the Musterpress, Admirals and Captains of the fleets shall have seven days in which to offer contracts of service to the contestants. - ARTYCLE 8 - TENETS OF DEFENCE, SECTION 3.[2c] Kharadrid
Damaz Grudge[23a] Old Khazalid
Dawrkhaz Good Hall[22a] Old Khazalid
Dawr Tromm A term of respect[15b]
Don Ten.[21a]
Don hundraki Cannons that fire cannonballs weighing around eleven pounds.[21a]
Dongliz The parts of anatomy that a Duardin finds impossible to scratch.[21a]
Drak Dragon.[3b]
Drek The opening up of trade with other races; long distance trade.[1d] Kharadrid
Drengi A term meaning Slayers.[25] It is also a Kharadrid swear word.[21a] Old Khazalid
Drum Duraz Means Black Stone; name of a prison in Anvilgard.[18a]
Durkar A surname in Modern Khazalid. In Ancient Dialects of Shyish' the rune for the word can be read as Thorga.[26a] Modern Khazalid
Dwe Three.[7c] Old Khazalid
Eki Wattock Literally 'he is an unsuccessful prospector'; used as insult [15b]
Elgi Archaic term for Elves/Aelves[15b] Old Khazalid
Fut Four.[7c] Old Khazalid
Funti A common Kharadrid swear.[21a] Kharadrid
Funti-druk Kharadrid swear.[19]
  • 'What the funti-druk are you playing at?' 'Chew on this, you funti-druk!'[19]
Galkhron Literally ‘dividing of plunder’[1a] or ‘salvage rights’.[13a]
  • ‘Admirals, Captains and Master Shareholders shall each receive two shares of a galkhron.’ - Artycle 2, Point 2 of the Code.[1a]
  • ‘Upon obtaining a properly signed and approved grudgeclause, a duardin is given the Rune of Mark and considered exempt from other statutes of the Code. Any plunder seized during an act of vengeance must be taken to the Admiralty’s Court so that galkhron can be performed.’: Amendment 3 of the Code.[1e]
    • Other appearances of the term.[6a]
Garaktormun Literally ‘Great Gale of Death’ - Kharadron term for the Necroquake.[2a]
Geldraad Ruling council of the Kharadron Empire.[21a]
Geldrungburz The Kharadron commodities and stock market.[19] Kharadrid
Gnollendrom Respect due to someone. A mark of respect often used as a welcome.[6d]
  • Example: "Gnollendrom, Lady Murrag." - Ingrid Jonsson[6d]

Ruling council of the Kharadron Empire.[21a]

Gotti Traveller.[24] Old Khazalid
Gorak-drek Literally ‘Great Venture’ - Period of kharadron history that follows the Necroquake.[2d] Kharadrid
Griks Pains in the neck[15b]
Grindazdok A Kharadrid term roughly meaning The most determinedly miserable of all duardin, whose spirits cannot be lifted by the finest ale or sky-ship.[21a]
Grobi The common species of grot.[16b][20][21a]
Grobkaz Evil deed or goblin work, sometimes used as a curse word.[2g]
Gromthi Ancestor.[1g]
Gromthi-a-Grund Literally ‘Ancestral Hammer’ - The name of a Khrundhal-class battleship in the service of Barak-Thryng.[1g]
Grumbaki An old, grumpy duardin.[21a]
Grum Damaz Grudgesetller[23a] Old Khazalid
Grund Literally ‘Hammer’.[1d][2f][1g]
Grund Ang Literally ‘Hammer of Iron’ - The name of an Arkanaut Ironclad in the service of Barak-Zilfin.[1d]
Grundeez A type of Duardin underwear. They are long-waisted and extend from the chest to the knee.[21a]
Grunti A unit of measurement. Forty-two grunti equals an ufzhen.[21a]
Guzungrim Mark branded on those who use inferior hops or fail to allow appropriate fermentation time.[2c] Kharadrid
Hazkal A strong duardin ale, brewed and fermented over the course of many wind cycles.[2c]
Hun-ghrumtok Literally ‘heavy bomber wing’ - Name of a sky-fleet from Barak-Thryng.[1h] Kharadrid
Hrunki A Kharadrid term that literally translates to burr-free [mechanical] action. It roughly means reliable and is principally used to refer to old engines that have worn away their flaws and as a term of endearment for older family members.[21a] Kharadrid
Hundrak A unit of measurement slightly higher in weight than pound.[21a]
Kalanbarazi Meaning 'Sworn-not-Born'. The term refers to chosen kin and found family.[25] Fyreslayer Argot
Karag Mountain[22a] Old Khazalid
Karag-Gronti Khazalid word for Mega-Gargant.[27]
Karak The term used for the ancient holds and cities of the Khazalid Empire.[7b]
Kazar valrhank Literally ‘protect with honour’ - Motto of the Grundcorps.[1l] Kharadrid
Kaztronk Means freak in Kharadrid.[21a] Kharadrid
Kezraak A Kharadron stout.[2a]
  • Having a kezraak card up his sleeve - Literally ‘Having an ace up his sleeve’.[5a]
Kharadrar-Kharadror A Kharadron war cry. Notably used to signal a charge.[19]
Kharadron Approximately ‘born from the sundered mountain’ in ancient duardin.[2b]
Khazukan ‘City-folk’[1h] or ‘the conglomerate of all the city’s craftsfolk’.[1g]
Khazuk Shortend version of 'Khazukan Khazukit-ha', literally 'Look out! the Duardin are on the warpath' [15b] Often used as a toast.[21a]
Khazukan Khazukit-ha Warcry of the Unbak Fyreslayer Lodge.[15a]
Krenkha gorogna Literally ‘leadership driving us to a place of no alcohol’ - A term most commonly used to describe a vote of no confidence, usually occurring when leadership is either ill-fated or insistent upon following a path along which lies little or no profit.[1j] Kharadrid
Kruk A seemingly promising vein of ore which gives out suddenly; an unexpected disappointment; a venture which comes to nothing [15b]
Kruntzi-brog A Kharadron swear.[19] Kharadrid
Kuzzbryndal Literally ‘hero’s welcome’ - Ceremony, practiced most notably in Barak-Zon, celebrating the triumphs of kharadron expeditions that have accomplished a string of victories and came back with holds filled with aether-gold.[1a]
Kvinn A young female Duardin or maiden,[21a]
Kzhunda Kharadrid word meaning vomit.[20] Kharadrid
Mehret A combination of success, profit and experience.[1i] Kharadrid
Mighromtok Literally ‘scout patrol wing’ - Name of a sky-fleet from Barak-Zilfin.[1h] Kharadrid
Mhornar Shadow.[1r]
Milli-khar A unit of measurement for aetheric radiation. Eleven thousand milli-khar equals an aethrigen.[21a] Kharadrid
Nar Sunrise.[1n]
Nazgrund Literally ‘Cloudhammer’ - The legendary flagship (even though an Arkanaut Frigate) of Horgrumm Brand, first of the Kharadron Grand Admirals.[2f] Kharadrid
Nuntuzsprakki! Kharadrid term literally translating to Too soon speaker! It is considered bad luck to speak too soon among Kharadron.[21a] Kharadrid
Ogri Ogors.[21a]
Ong One.[7c][11a] Old Khazalid
Priffa dreng Literally ‘prosper or die’ - Motto of Barak-Nar.[1b]
Raadfathom A Kharadrid word referring to a commonly used unit of measurement. One aerial raadfathom is the distance a hypothetically average skyvessel powered by the long-obsolete Mark I Grindisson aether-endrin would traverse horizontally in a single second. The measurement is old, from the dawn of the sky-ports, and calculated according to Nav-Master Groffin Terrenk's aethermatical mode.[19][21a]
Rhyngul Vengryn Literally ‘Redmetal Vengeance’ - The name of an Arkanaut Frigate in the service of Barak-Zon.[1a] Kharadrid
Rhunkron A book containing an account of ancient and diverse forms of Khazalid runes.[26a] Modern Khazalid
Rinn A lady Duardin.[3a]
Rik King or lord.[2c]
Sak Five.[7c] Old Khazalid
Sigstrollen The name of a popular sport, the word translates to stair-running in the Azyrite Tongue.[22b] Khazalid
Siz Six.[7c] Old Khazalid
Skarenoffi Khazalid word for sky.[21a]
Skarenoffri Damakronn Kharadrid term for an official book of legal grudges. Literally translates to Open Blue [sky] Grudge Book.[21a]
Skat A swear word. [6c]
Strahlstrom The great windstream.[1g] Kharadrid
Thaggaz A treacherous individual who should be slayed[15b]
Thaggoraki A skaven.[2e]
Thagduegi The Great Betrayal[9a]
Thagi Murderous traitor[15b]
Thryng Temple, shrine of Ancestors.[1s]
Tromm Beard, respect due to experience or age.[1j]
Trommraad Literally ‘Bearded Council’ - An informal group of the eldest or wisest individuals in a group. They are seen as givers of sound counsel.[1j] Kharadrid
Tuk Two.[7c] Old Khazalid
Ufzhen A unit of measurement. One hundred and twelve ufzhen equals a raadfathom.[21a]
Umgali The Azyrite language.[8a]
Umgash Means raw iron, untempered, and untested. Used as an insult.[14a]
Umgak Means human-built or shoddy.[21a]
Umgi Foreigners or humans.[2c]
Umgdawi Unduardinlike.[21a]
Unbaraki Means Oathbreaker. Considered to be the gravest of insults among the Dispossessed clans, less so among the Kharadron.[21a]
Undawi A non-duardin. Used by some Dispossessed to refer to the Kharadron.[19] Modern Khazalid
Ungdrin A subterranean tunnel or tunnel network.[21a]
Unguz throlt literally ‘undrinkable batch’ - A lost cause for when an error occurs in the brewing of alcohol and good ingredients are lost, it is regarded as a tragedy among duardin.[1l] Kharadrid
Urbaz Market.[1q]
Unki-skold Kharadrid term meaning ship's poet.[21a] Kharadrid
Urki Zank Literally ‘Foecleaver’ - The name of an Arkanaut Ironclad in the service of Barak-Zilfin.[1m] Kharadrid
Uzkul Bone.[2c]
Uzkulrik Literally ‘Bone kings’ - A Kharadron term for the Ossiarch Bonereapers.[2c] Kharadrid
Valikraz The handmaidens of Valaya according to some.[21a]
Varrkhulg Chief of enemy tribes; an insult.[16a]
Vengryn Vengeance.[1a][1m]
Vongal-varr The aelves of the ocean deeps.[28a]
Wazzok A foolish or gullible duardin; one who has exchanged a valuable item for something of little or no worth; an insult.[4b]
Wergild Restitution for damage done to one's ship.[10a] Kharadrid
Zank Cleaver.[4a]
Zhaktopper Headgear of a Lord-Magnate.[1i] Kharadrid
Zhakust Droppings.[21a]
Zharr Fire.[25]
Zharrdrengi Fyreslayers[25] Fyreslayer Argot
Zhuftee A popular bar game played across the Kharadron ports. Uses a puck and a special tab.[21a]
Zhunfor-draz Dragon dung.[21a]
Zilfin Windswept.[1o] Kharadrid
Zil Vengryn Literally ‘Vengeance of the Wind’ - Name of a sky-fleet from Barak-Zilfin.[1m]
Zon Sun.[1p]
Zonbek A well-garrisoned glowbeacon lighthouse docks.[1f]


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