Dreadwood Glade

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The symbol of the Dreadwood Glade.

Dreadwood Glade was always the least merciful glade of Sylvaneth and the brutal Age of Chaos has taken whatever remained. [1b]

Spiteful, Malicious and cruel, the spirits of Dreadwood are masters of stealth and trickery and delight in tormenting non-sylvaneth. Outcasts are drawn to their musters and wargroves far more than to any other Glade. Wargroves of Dreadwood favour ambushes and sneak attacks, using illusions, terror tactics and torture to defeat their enemies. They are not fond of allies, but on occasion will find common ground long enough to slaughter their foes, often these allies, such as the Stormcast Eternal Hallowed Knights are in turn horrified by their brutality.[1b]


As there are many types of forests, so too are there many types of Sylvaneth. Those of the Dreadwood were not planted as soulpods in merry and sun-dappled greenery, but rather in the black hearts of the most fearful deepwoods. They are the watchers in the shadows, the forest beings that shift pathways and ambush travellers not only to protect their lands, but for their own amusement. They are masters of surprise attacks and illusionary magic.[6a]

They are expert at subterfuge and trickery, and dark whispers persist that this callous and ambitious glade had something to do with the Shrouded Time. Certainly, it cannot be denied that more Outcasts are drawn to their musters than to those of any other glade.[6a]

Dreadwood Sylvaneth exhibit colouration that are usually some combination of pale and dark hues, akin to moonlight on a shadowy bough. Their weapons and sigils often glow an angry red – a reflection of the malice they harbour for other beings.[6a]


Dreadwood enclaves can be found across the Mortal Realms, and they often thrive where other Sylvaneth struggle, such as in Ulgu and Shyish.[6a]


The other glades do not trust Dreadwood. Its clans are cruel, malicious and spiteful, and delight in tormenting non-Sylvaneth. They never did have much mercy, and the terrible centuries of the Age of Chaos have leached away the last of it.[6a]


In the later years of the Age of Chaos, Drycha Hamadreth claimed that Alarielle was gone and she was the new leader of the sylvaneth, many Dreadwood clans joined her vast wargrove and together they killed millions.[1b]

Clans of the glade joined those of Ironbark Glade and Oakenbrow Glade to destroy the Poxfang Tide.[1b]

Known Clans

There are a number of Enclaves in the Realm of Ulgu, the sylvaneth there are dark skinned with pale bark like moonlight on a shadowed bough, eyes and lamentiri glowing red. [4a]


Spiteful as the sharpened thorn, dark as the shadows beneath the forest’s heart –fear the spirits of Dreadwood, for no mercy do they feel.

~ Dreadwood Glade.[1b]

Color Scheme


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