Dread Pageant

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{{{3}}} Dread Pageant
Myari's Purifiers vs Dread Pageant 01.jpg
Grand Alliance Chaos
Faction Hedonites of Slaanesh
Slaanesh Sybarites
Leader Vasillac the Gifted
Members Slakelash

Dread Pageant are a warband of Slaanesh Sybarites led by Vasillac the Gifted. Having first entered Beastgrave in pursuit of visions of their missing deity, Slaanesh, the Dread Pageant were soon gripped by a new obsession: the tormenting of the sentient mountain itself. Like all Slaaneshi Hedonites, the Dread Pageant are slaves to sensation, and when they first tasted Beastgrave’s anguish at being denied its usual feast of flesh, they began to goad the mountain by withholding its succour, torturing their victims to the point of death while imbibing Beastgrave’s despair. In the claustrophobic depths of Direchasm, the mountain’s raw emotions are at their most tangible, sending the Dread Pageant into a euphoric state.[2]


During their time in Beastgrave, the warband concocted a scheme to create an act of mass desctruction throughout Ghur. The plan was to capture numerous living subjects for a fell ritual in which the captives would be tortured to death en mass, and with the Katophrane Curse denying these deaths to the living mountain it would be roused awake and wreak havoc across the realm. However, this plot was foiled by the intervention of Myari's Purifiers.[3]


Vasillac the Gifted

Main article: Vasillac the Gifted

Vasillac the Gifted is the leader of the Dread Pageant warband. A deadly spearman whose supple body is covered with ritual scars, Vasillac rose to lordship amongst the Godseekers host at a young age, and it is said that his plumed helm hides a youthful face set with a wicked smile.[5] He was once one of the Myrmidesh Painbringers, but has since left their ranks and seeks his own glory. Vasillac led the Dread Pageant into the Beastgrave while pursuing visions of their missing deity Slaanesh. Within the sentient mountain they gained an obsession with tormenting it, by denying their victims of their death and torturing them to as close as possible to it. The anguish at being denied its usual feast of flesh caused the mountain to despair, which filled the depraved mortals of the warband with glee. They descended to the Direchasm where the mountains emotions are at its rawest and most tangible, filling them with euphoria as they further torture the mountain. He is armed with an agonising spear called a Dread Harpoon often paired with a Painbringer Shield. He uses them together with his own fighting style, adapted from the Dance of the Wailing Blade which he learned in the time he was a Myrmidesh Painbringer.[1a]


Main article: Slakelash

Slakelash is a Slaangor member of the warband, who relishes in causing hurt and pain. Bound to Vasillac by some unspoken pact, the sinuous beast slices the Hedonite lord’s foes apart with its pincered limb and cruel sword. Amongst the Dread Pageant, it is in Slakeslash’s bestial heart that the predatory emotion of Beastgrave finds readiest purchase, and the deeper into Direchasm the warband travels, the more ferocious the Slaangor becomes.[4] He is armed with a Gilded weapon, which he uses together with his crushing claw to attack in a lethal flurry.[1a]


Main article: Hadzu

Hadzu is a nimble archer whose cruel arrows do not kill swiftly, but inflame dark desires in those they strike.[4] He is armed with a Blissbarb Bow that shoots Arrows of Desire.[1a]


Main article: Glissete

Glissete is a dancer-killer who hopes to prove herself through acrobatic acts of face-to-face murder.[4] Every move Glissett makes is the next step in an entrancing dance, though none but she can hear the music her exquisitely choreographed routine is set to.[5] She is armed with a dazzling Slickblade Glaive.[1a]



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