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A miniature of Cinderbreath mounted by Drazhoath.

Drazhoath is known by many titles, like the Master of the Legion of Azgorh, the Lord of the Black Fortress, Prophet of Ash and Flame and the Sorcerer-Prophet of Hashut. He is a powerful Duardin warrior and mighty sorcerer-prophet who rules over the Legion of Azgorh, who follow him without questions and whose bellowed word infuses his warriors with an unbreakable discipline.[1][2]

He rides to battle on the back of the Bale Taurus Cinderbreath, allowing him to fly over the battlefield and use its blazing body and blood rage to protect him.[1][2]


As the prophet of ash and flame, there are few mortals that can manipulate the essence of Aqshy as him, making his spellcasting more efficient in that realm. He can cast the Arcane Bolt, Mystic Shield and Flames of Azgorh spells, the last which conjures a devastating eruption of molten rock and furnace-hot flames that turn his enemies to ash.[2]


He wields the Graven Brazier, which he uses in close combat. He carries with him a Hellshard Amulet, which is imbued with protective enchantments and baleful hexes that strikes any who seeks to attack its master.[2]


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