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The Drakendreng were one of the First Forged Lodges of the Fyreslayers. Like the others of the First Forged, their first magmahold Drakenhal was within the Salamander's Spine mountain range.[1a] Their first Runefather, Rumenar-Grimnir, founded a magmahold known as the Shimmerhold - when he drank a caldera dry of lava and in doing so found the perfect site. After this feat Rumenar glowed like a raging volcano. [1b]

They sought to emulate Grimnir and hunted and slew the most ferocious beasts of the Realms, lining the entrance to Drakenhal with the many skulls of the creatures they bested. They grew and prospered and so to did their vaults of treasure as wild rumours soon began to circle of the gold contained within them.[1a]


It is thought that it was these tales of riches that drew in the fyre serpent Nagwroth - offspring of Nagendra - and so brought their doom. The great serpent coiled around the mountain and a great battle ensued. Their magmahold was destroyed in the battle and - with their Runefather killed and their lodge scattered - they were sent fleeing.[1a]

From the Ashes

The survivors of the ruin of Drakenhal would form the Lofnir Lodge and go on to pursue Nagwroth into Ghur, seeking vengeance for the destruction of their Lodge.[1a]


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