Drak Grolsson

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Drak Grolsson.

Drak Grolsson is an ingenious Endrinmaster of Barak-Nar.[1a] He lead the kharadron forces to victory during the Aether War.[3a][2a]

He is one of the youngest kharadron of Barak-Nar to receive the position of Endrinmaster. Too ambitious to be content of his current rank, he seeks to become a Master Arkwright and own a workvault in Barak-Nar's Hall of Artificers.[2a]


Battle of the Azgal Mountain

The Barak-Nar minelaying squadron of Admiral Bjarnus Tragg was the only asset available to defend the Aether-gold Refinery set in the Azgal Mountain from the Bloodbound Warhorde of Kavarus Rex.[2b]

The Kharadron choose to stand their ground and turn the industrial tangle of the refinery into a booby-trapped killing ground. Then Endrinrigger Drak Grolsson suggested superheating the refinery's aethermatic generator to the brink of detonation, redirecting the resulting thermal cyclone through a series of outflow vents and into the enemy forces. Kavarus Rex and hundreds of Bloodreavers are instantly steamed alive, ensuring a decisive kharadron victory. This and the negligible damage sustained by the refinery pushed Barak-Nar's Endrineers Guild to promote Grolsson to Endrinmaster.[2b]

A New Invention

To reach the coveted position of Master Arkwright, Drak Grolsson invented the aethermantic repulsion field, a device that pushes any arcane energies away from the wearer. This device allowed the Kharadron Overlords to venture in magical ground zeros previously thought impassable, notably Griffon's Eyrie. Kharadron to venture into territories.[2a][1b][3a]

Aether War

Drak Grolsson fighting Ab-het to disrupt the magnomantic ritual in the Azure Crown.
For more information see: Aether War

A sky-fleet led by Admiral Bjarnus Tragg utilises Drak Grolsson's aetheric forcefield to venture into Griffon's Eyrie, a region controlled by the Cult of the Transient Form.[4a]

The kharadron expedition discovers more than extensive aether-gold deposits, however, for they stumble upon a dark ritual that would see a deadly magical storm unleashed upon Barak-Nar, performed by Magister Ab-het and his Tzaangor Shamans.[2b] After Tragg's Ironclad, the Intrepid, suffers critical damage, he commands Drak Grolsson to lead a small force to destroy the source of the aethermatic storm.[2a]

The Grolsson and his force make way towards the Azure Crown, located at the very centre of Chamon.[2c] The tzeentchian plot is successfully thwarted, but the Great Sky War intensifies.[3a]


Endrineer Drak Grolsson is an inventor of renown, following is a list of inventions that can be attributed to him:


Drak Grolsson wears a master-crafted aether-turbine, named a Dirigible Suit Weapon Battery, of his own design.[2a][2d] He also uses the standard equipment of Endrinmasters with Dirigible Suit, notably an aethercannon, a Gaze of Grungni and an Aethermatic Saw.[2d]



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