Drak Grolsson

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Drak Grolsson.

Drak Grolsson is an ingenious Endrinmaster of Barak-Nar.[1a] He led the kharadron forces to victory during the Aether War.[3a][2a]

He is one of the youngest kharadron of Barak-Nar to receive the position of Endrinmaster. Too ambitious to be content with his current rank, he seeks to become a Master Arkwright and own a workvault in Barak-Nar's Hall of Artificers.[2a]


Battle of the Azgal Mountain

The Barak-Nar minelaying squadron of Admiral Bjarnus Tragg was the only asset available to defend the Aether-gold Refinery in the Azgal Mountain from the Bloodbound Warhorde of Kavarus Rex.[2b]

The Kharadron chose to stand their ground and turn the industrial tangle of the refinery into a booby-trapped killing ground. Then-Endrinrigger Drak Grolsson suggested superheating the refinery's aethermatic generator to the brink of detonation, redirecting the resulting thermal cyclone through a series of outflow vents and into the enemy forces. Kavarus Rex and hundreds of Bloodreavers were instantly steamed alive, ensuring a decisive kharadron victory. This and the negligible damage sustained by the refinery pushed Barak-Nar's Endrineers Guild to promote Grolsson to Endrinmaster.[2b]

A New Invention

To reach the coveted position of Master Arkwright, Grolsson invented the aethermantic repulsion field, a device that pushes any arcane energies away from the wearer. This device allowed the Kharadron Overlords to venture into territories previously thought magically impassable, notably Griffon's Eyrie. [2a][1b][3a]

Aether War

Drak Grolsson fighting Ab-het to disrupt the magnomantic ritual in the Azure Crown.
For more information see: Aether War

A sky-fleet led by Admiral Bjarnus Tragg used Grolsson's aetheric forcefield to venture into Griffon's Eyrie, a region controlled by the Cult of the Transient Form.[4a]

The kharadron expedition discovered more than extensive aether-gold deposits, however, for they stumble upon a dark ritual that would see a deadly magical storm unleashed upon Barak-Nar being performed by Magister Ab-het and his Tzaangor Shamans.[2b] After Tragg's Ironclad, the Intrepid, suffered critical damage, he commanded Grolsson to lead a small force to destroy the source of the aethermatic storm.[2a]

Grolsson and his force made their way towards the Azure Crown, located at the very centre of Chamon.[2c] The Tzeentchian plot was successfully thwarted, but the Great Sky War intensified.[3a]


Inventions that can be attributed to Drak Grolsson:


Drak Grolsson wears a master-crafted aether-turbine, named a Dirigible Suit Weapon Battery, of his own design.[2a][2d] He also uses the standard equipment of Endrinmasters with Dirigible Suits, notably an aethercannon, a Gaze of Grungni and an Aethermatic Saw.[2d]



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