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A Dragon Ogor Shaggoth.
This article is about the race. For the Thunderscorn unit, see Dragon Ogor Warrior.

Dragon Ogors are a race of centauric beasts, half-drake and half-ogor, bound by a pact to servitude to the Dark Gods. Their army is known as the Thunderscorn.[1]


Legends say that the ancestors of the Dragon Ogors in the World-That-Was made a bargain with the Dark Gods: The gods would grant them eternal life in exchange for their everlasting servitude.[1] Some stories claim that the Dragon Ogors believed that the end of the World-That-Was would free them from their pact, but for whatever reason this did not come to pass, and they continue to be bound by it. For this reason, only death in battle can kill a Dragon Ogor.[2a]


Dragon Ogors make their home in remote mountain ranges and lightning-blasted wastelands in all the Mortal Realms save Azyr.[3a][3c] They once roamed freely through Azyr and considered themselves masters of the Heavens, but the arrival of Sigmar resulted in them being banished from the realm.[3a]

Storms follow Dragon Ogors, and places where large numbers of them gather are inevitably wreathed in deadly tempests.[3a]


Dragon Ogors combine the best of their component parts - draconic strength and ogorish resilience - as well as the worst - draconic arrogance and ogorish brutality. They stew on past grievances as only immortals can; their grudge against Sigmar has been nursed for literal epochs, and that against the duplicitous Chaos Gods for longer still.[3a][4a]


Dragon Ogors have the sheer size and power to fight off any foe, which they do with a their bestial faces set in a grim scowl while roaring and barking in their ancient tongue.[1] Their draconic lower halves are covered in plate-like scales thick enough that weapons often simply bounce off harmlessly and their lower limbs have large, vicious claws, while their upper halves are as thick and muscular as that of the ogors they resemble.[3a][3b]

The true power of the Dragon Ogors, however, lies in their relationship with the unnatural lightning storms that follow them. The air about their herds crackles with electric power and bolts of lightning shoot down from the clouds above. When this lightning strikes a Dragon Ogor, they are reinvigorated and healed; their wounds close and lost limbs regrow even as others nearby them are grievously injured or killed by the coruscating energy.[3b] This regenerative power is bestowed by all lightning, not simply that of the storms that follow their herds, making Dragon Ogors especially dangerous foes for those who wield the magic of Azyr and the Stormcast Eternals. Indeed, many Dragon Ogors welcomed the arrival of Sigmar's storm-wrought legions - finally, a chance to show the cowardly thief that counterfeit demigods are no match for the real Scions of the Storm![1][3b][5a] In the years since the breaking of Sigmar's Tempest, dark rumours have arisen that some Dragon Ogors have discovered how to absorb the lightning-spirits of fallen Stormcast attempting to return to Azyr - a fearful prospect, if true, and something the Dragon Ogors would surely take as more proof that they are the rightful rulers of the Heavens.[6a]

Perhaps the only saving grace of the Dragon Ogors from the perspective of the "civilized" races that they so despise is that, after the stormherds sweep across the lands, the beasts return to their mountain peaks and enter an extended state of torpor, sleeping away the months or years until a sufficient amount of Chaotic energy unleashes another storm to reawaken them.[3b]


Main article: Dragon Ogor Shaggoth

Dragon Ogors continue to grow throughout their immortal lives. Those who live long enough become monstrous beasts capable of crushing a fortified building under their bulk. They are revered as demigods by their fellows and by many of the Beasts of Chaos and other followers of the Dark Gods - great avatars of the storm's destructive power and a curse on civilization.[1][3b]

It is not just size that makes an ancient Dragon Ogor a Shaggoth, however; a true Shaggoth has become one with the unnatural storms that characterize their race. They can summon lightning through sheer willpower, either to blast apart their foes or reinvigorate their kin, and know many ways to manipulate the energy in more subtle ways. They can disrupt arcane defences, unbind protective wards, and corrupt ley lines as easily as the Bray-Shamans of the gor-kin, all while being gargantuan monsters with strength enough to wrestle dragons on equal terms.[3b][7a]


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