Dragon Ogor Warrior

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A Dragon Ogor Warrior.

Dragon Ogor Warriors are Dragon Ogors, brutal fusions of ogroid brute and draconic fiend, that serve in Thunderscorn armies. They are immortals who can only die in battle, rousing to cause destruction. They stampeding into war like a storm front, charging to the sound of thunder and the flash of lighting. Their unmatched ferocity are both indomitable and deadly, obliterating their foes in a tempestuous rage.[1b][2]

They have lizard-like lower section with a thick scaled hide with horns and fins, whose limbs end in raking claws, especially the foreclaws, which they can use to tear their foes. Their abdomens are broad and incredibly muscular. Their heads are all ugly and have maws with oversized teeth that protrudes from them.[2]


While unable to use magic themselves, allied wizards near these unit can Summon Lighting to strike at a Dragon Ogor unit, healing them and robing them in crackling energy.[1a]


Dragon Ogor Warriors can be armed with Paired Ancient Weapons, that can smash aside defences to deliver a killing blow ,Draconic War-glaives or Draconic Crushers. [1a][1b][2]

Their bodies are protected by plates of armor, thick gut plates, loin clothes and sometimes helms, often decorated with bones, chains, skulls and hooks.[2]



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