Dorryc Claimblade

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Dorryc Claimblade was an Auric Runesmiter of the Austarg Lodge. He forged Auriakh, the Father Rune of Binding that bound the godbeast Ignax during the Realmgate Wars.[1a]


Claimblade had already made his reputation for quenching the unfinished Everblade in the blood of the orruk warlord Ghostkilla when the Realmgate Wars began. He orchestrated a series of traps and ambushes against the Varanguard to recover the ur-gold the Chaos warriors had incorporated into their armour and used his runecraft to open the rune-portal to the Land of the Chained Sun when further defence of the lodge's magmahold became untenable, allowing the Fyreslayers to escape. Once safe, he forged Auriakh, a task only he could do, as he was the only runesmiter of his time who had attempted to master it.[1a]

Claimblade considered the forging of Auriakh to be a holy task, but he also secretly desired to create a counter-rune to it, and by the Realmgate Wars he believed he had succeeded. He surreptitiously inscribed his counter-rune on two of the great, Grungni-forged chains that held Ignax to the Land of the Chained Sun, a blasphemous act that allowed the godbeast to break those chains once agitated, sending links tumbling to the Ashlands below. The Varanguard were able to ascend to the crescent isle on the chains, prompting the Fyreslayers to attempt to reach Ignax and hammer the completed Auriakh into her flesh. Claimblade could then control the godbeast via the corresponding sigil he wore around his neck. While the rune was placed into position at great cost and the land purged of the Chaos invaders, Archaon succeeded in using the Slayer of Kings to enslave Ignax and escaped with her.[1b]

Archaon placed the godbeast to guard the Brimfire Gate between Aqshy and the Allpoints.[2a] When the Stormcast Eternals and Fyreslayers attacked the gate, Claimblade was among them, and he successfully used the rune to control the godbeast.[2b] The strain was so great that he seemed to age centuries while controlling her, for Ignax's will was strong and she fought his every command. Despite this, Claimblade succeeded in destroying several of the great Dreadholds protecting the gate with the godbeast's flames. Eventually, however, the rune failed and Ignax fled the battle, free for the first time since the Age of Myth. [2c]