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A Doombull charging into combat.

Doombulls are the dominant Bullgors of the Warherds. These bull-headed and cloven-hoofed beasts are so consumed by Bloodgreed they charge ahead of their kin and lay waste their prey in an orgy of slaughter with unbridled ferocity. Because of this behaviour they are known to lead by brutal example and with a feral roar they can alert the Warherd to scent of flesh on the wind which sends the whole herd into an attacking frenzy.[1a][1b][2]


They maim everything within reach with a gargantuan Slaughterer's Axe, a Doombull Great Axe, a pair of Doombull Axes or a Doombull Axe with a Bullshield. A Doombull can also strike with the horns on their head. [1a][1b][2]




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