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Dolorum is a fallen empire in the Prime Innerlands of Shyish that is ruled over by Lady Olynder, Mortarch of Grief and ruler of the Nighthaunt processions.[1a][2a]


Age of Myth

Dolorum was once a powerful empire ruled by a proud line of conqueror-kings who ruled over thousands of subordinates and served Nagash.[1a]

During the Age of Myth a young noblewoman from the House of Olynder in Dolorum became known. With her wit and charm, she made it into the upper class of society and won the heart of the prince of the country. While Lady Olynder and her handmaidens were preparing for their marriage in the church, the King and Prince of Dolorum attended a great feast at which they were seen for the last time. After retiring to the royal apartments to discuss political strategies and the heir's legacy, both of them disappeared. The royal bodyguard heard a scream of disgust and found the chamber empty. This tragedy made Lady Olynder sole ruler. Since many noble knights were not fooled by the queen's false mourning and conspired against her [1a]

The rebellion never occurred thanks to Gharest Malcor and his agents killing and capturing many of the coup's lead plotters. Those who were captured were then thrown into the dungeons where they were tortured by Lady Olynder for decades. Latter on Malcor would be awarded for his treachery with treachery in kind and was stabbed to death by the Queen's assassins. [1a]

Age of Chaos

During the Age of Chaos the plagues of Nurgle came upon Dolorum. Lady Olynder cared not for the thousands that died of wasting diseases and agues. But it was not this cruelty that sealed her fate, instead it would be her attempts to negotiate for her own life with the servants of Nurgle that drew the ire of Nagash. In his rage the Great Necromancer claimed her faithless soul and cursed her to suffer all the grief and sorrow she had not felt in life.[1a]

Age of Sigmar

After the Necroquake, Lady Olynder was promoted to the rank of Mortarch and was once again made ruler of Dolorum, now nothing but bleak ruins. There she subjugated the spirits who lived there. The nobles of Dolorum who had conspired against Lady Olynder were formed into the vengeful spirits of the Emerald Host [1a]


Both the Emerald Host and Sorrowmourn Choir defend the ruins of Dolorum.[2b]


The following awards were given in Dolorum

  • Emerald Brooch of the Royal Dynasty: This adornment was an honor given only to those defenders of Dolorum who were well-regarded for their loyalty. Those knights who would eventually be twisted into the Emerald Host wore such brooches with pride during their conspiracy against Lady Olynder.[1a]




Long ago Dolorum was a proud human empire ruled by a line of conquerors. But the destruction wrought by the Age of Chaos, diseases of Nurgle, and the ambitious mortal queen Olynder saw the nation reduced to ruins. Now it is naught but haunted ruins and mausoleums, home to twisted Nighthaunt spirits controlled by Lady Olynder.[1a][2a]