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Divination Plates, also known as Proof Plates, have become an essential piece of equipment among the banking houses, merchants, and business owners of the Free Cities of Sigmar, ever since Aqua Ghyranis rose to become a prominent currency throughout the God-King's empire.[1a]


Divination Plates are clear, glass discs that are infused with Light Magic and have divination runes etched onto them. Runnels on the surface of these plates allow liquid poured onto them to be evenly distributed.[1a]


When a container of Aqua Ghyranis is placed on the surface of a divination plate, it's runes glow with a bright light. If the container's Aqua Ghyranis is diluted, or is in fact merely regular water, the runes will glow faintly or not at all, making it easy to check for fraud.[1a]

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