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Dispossessed 01.jpeg
Dispossessed fighting the tides of Chaos
Grand alliance Order
Associated factions Cities of Sigmar
Main grouping Clan
Races Duardin

Dispossessed are the remnants of once proud Duardin civilizations that flourished in the Age of Myth but were brought low in the apocalyptic era known as the Age of Chaos. Those who survived fled to safety, many making their way the safety of the God-King's domains in Azyr. When the Age of Sigmar dawned upon the Mortal Realms, the Dispossessed were among those who returned to the lower Mortal Realms to reclaim what was lost and build anew. It is by their hand that many of the God-King's sturdiest edifices and fortifications are raised and when battle calls they fearlessly march to war clad in shining gromril armour.[1][2][4a][5a][7a]


Age of Myth

During the Age of Myth many Duardin civilizations, the Khazalid Empire being among the most renowned, rose across the Mortal Realms, often built inside vast mountain ranges and subterranean caverns. Such civilizations counted themselves as worshippers of the Smith-God Grungni. In time they mastered a variety of crafts such as blacksmithing and masonry, constructing magnificent underground holds glittering with gems, gold and impervious gromril.[4a]

Age of Chaos

During the Age of Chaos the armies of Chaos overran many of the Duardin civilizations, forcing many Warden Kings to lead their still proud but battered people into exile in Sigmar's realm, others fled to the nascent sky-ports of the Kharadron, and still others survived in new lands, often with aid from allies. In time many of these survivors began calling themselves the Dispossessed in memory of their fallen holds and maintained the practices of smithcraft and rune-shaping that had long been the source of their power so that Sigmar's vision of re-conquering the realms can be achieved. Like their ancestors, they created mighty kingdoms beneath the Realm of Azyr.[1][4a][13]

Age of Sigmar

When Sigmar finally reopened the gates, the Dispossessed of Azyr came forth with his Stormcast and other warriors not only to fight but also to build. Whenever the Stormcast conquered a Realmgate the Lords-Castellant would man it while the Dispossessed and the Ironweld build fortified towns, which would later grow into free cities, making sure the new cities have firm foundations. Their role in the Cities of Sigmar is not limited to construction and when an enemy fortress resists massed assaults or an infestation of skaven or grots is found beneath the earth, it is the Dispossessed who are called upon.[1][3a][4a]



Despite what some might believe, the Dispossessed are as culturally diverse as their human peers, as they too once had civilizations scattered across every corner of the Mortal Realms. Some, such as the Grunndrak Clan, hold to the traditions and values of the Khazalid Empire of old, while many others have cultures all their own, such as the death-revering Gazul-Zagaz.[5a] As such the wants and ideals of these diasporic people are as varied as they are. There are some who are content to remain in their newly carved out kingdoms in the Realm of Azyr, others seek to restore old nations lost in the Age of Chaos, still others migrate to the Cities of Sigmar and play pivotal roles in their creation, others may seek to recover relics of their ancestors. These and countless other goals drive the myriad cultures of the Dispossessed.[1][2][4a][5a]

Regardless of the cultural differences, they have developed, most clans carry on ancient methods of smithcraft and rune-shaping that have long been one of the greatest sources of power among their people.[3a]

Labour Clans

The Labour-Clans of the Dispossessed are well-known throughout Sigmar's Empire. These industrious clans of builders and architects have long played vital roles within the Cities of Sigmar. It is they, along with the engineers of the Ironweld Arsenal, that built most of the Free Cities. Whenever a new Realmgate is secured, it is these sturdy labourers who are called forth to aid in constructing new settlements around the vital gateways.[5b][5c] Members of the Labour-Clans will often take on the task of determining the best layout for the new city's defences and how best to make these plans a reality. Members of these clans often work with, and act as advisors to, those Lord-Ordinators and Lord-Castellants assigned to lead the construction of the Stormkeeps.[3a][6a]

These Labour Clans contract themselves out as work-gangs, labourers, engineers, and architects to employers throughout Sigmar's Empire. Some will settle in one Free City or another, taking whatever jobs are available to them in the city proper or its holdings, while others are known to make a livelihood contracting themselves out to crusades and reclamation efforts. Some Labour Clans even specialize in particular professions, which can lead to occurrences where an entire clan might work as porters.[10a][14a][15a]


Many of the languages spoken by the Dispossessed are variations of Khazalid, a language group descended from Old Khazalid, and come in many forms and dialects. When not employing their ancestral tongues these Duardin will often use the Celestial Tongues of Azyr.[11a][11b][11c][12a]Deep-cant is a derivative language of Khazalid that is used by some Dispossessed Clans to mark their tunnels.[11c]


The warriors of Dispossessed clans are accustomed to many types of warfare. They are renowned for their skill in the arts of siegecraft, both as defenders and as attackers, and many of their tunnel-fighters have been known to be called upon to rid Free Cities of infestations of grots and Skaven.[3a][6a]

Known Clans, Cultures, Nations, and Cities

Dispossessed in the Cities of Sigmar

Duardin district of Anvilgard.

Dispossessed can be found throughout most of the Free Cities of Sigmar's Empire whether it be from within small self-contained disticts or alongside their fellow Free Peoples in mixed residential districts. Some Cities of Sigmar, such as the Oasis of Gazul, even originate as Dispossessed holdings.[2][14a][16a]

Sizeable populations of Dispossessed can be found in many major Free Cities such as Hammerhal Aqsha and Greywater Fastness, where they often dominate both industry and infastructure which allows them to amass considerable cultural and political sway.[14a][16a]

Other Cities

Notable Clans


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