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Name Description Notes
Heavy Metal Ingot This ingot is imbued with the power of the mountains, turning the duardin who carries it into an unstoppable force and and immovable object.
Ancestral Pickaxe This ancient pickaxe is one of the few tool that survived the bygone age when the duardin carved mighty tunnels underneath the lands of the Mortal Realms. This axe allows them to easily move across the battlefield.
Grudge Rune The name of someone that has offended a duardin is etched on this symbol of power, allowing it's wielder to draw power from it to slay the offender. Only when the grudge is fulfilled does name fade from it so that a new name can be carved.
Piledriver Gauntlets These gauntlets are use to lay foundation stones in the most unyielding of surfaces of the realm, but can also be used to knock enemies off their feet. Created by Avrik Fortbuilder.
Teardrop of Grungni An unembellished orb that releases a spray of molten lead when thrown. Those not slain by it become encased in rapidly cooling metal.
Resounding Gromrilhorn An horn whose blast fill every duardin heart with unwavering vigour. The metal from which is made of is pure and true.

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