Direbrand Tribe

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Direbrand Tribe is a tribe of Aqshy slaughtered by Korghos Khul's Goretide.[1]

In the Age of Myth they were famous for their smith-lords, much like other Capilarian tribes, and were allied to the Duardin of Vostargi Mont.[3]


Age of Myth

Varrus Blackfist brokers a truce between Aridian and Capilaria.[3]

Soon after the ignition of the Kindling Forests, the Wizard Lords of Aspirians trade with this tribe and their duardin allies for magical weapons.[3]

The dreamwalker, Ologhor Sheng paid, in corrupted Ur-Gold, the Ironfists Fyreslayer lodge to slaughter an encampment of Direbrand leaders. When Sheng demanded the destruction of an encampment of Direbrand children the Ironfists refused, leaving the children in the care of Sheng.[4]

The Direbrands sent a force to attack the Skullbrands and attended Threx Skullbrand's Red Feast. When they tried to withdraw, believing Korghos Khul's challenge went against Sigmar's will, the newly anointed Khorne worshippers murdered their high chieftain, priest, and their descendants.[5a][5b][5c]

Vendell Blackfist, who would later be reforged as Vandus Hammerhand, was smith-chief of the tribe at the time of its destruction.[2][3]


The Direbrands were devoted followers of Sigmar.[5a][5b]