Devoted of Sigmar

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Devoted of Sigmar
Flagellant 01.png
A Flagellant.
Grand alliance Order
Associated factions Cities of Sigmar
Major characters Doralia ven Denst
Galen ven Denst
Races Human
Mounts Warhorse
Vehicles War Altar of Sigmar
Archetypes Excelsior Warpriest

The Devoted of Sigmar, what many of the most devout followers of Sigmar call themselves, are fanatical devotees of Sigmar that dedicate themselves to spreading his teachings either through inspiring others, preaching his word, or bringing war upon his foes.[1][5a]


Sigmar often inspires fanaticism in his followers and the previously secluded peoples of Azyrheim are no exception and they are further inspired and encouraged by the many places of worship within that realm. The wayshrines are found throughout the Realm of Azyr bring him to the people as do the vast shinning Hallowhammer Cathedrals.[1]

The Devoted now flood across the Mortal Realms, bringing the word of Sigmar to the peoples of those land. Many are flagellants caring little for possessions or even their own health. Warrior Priests stride forth to smite the enemies of their master, singing his praises as they do so whilst Witch Hunters stalk the shadows looking for the hidden enemy - the cultist of the dark gods of Chaos.[1]


There are many sects and cults spread across the Mortal Realms that follow different stricture and dogma than that of the Azyrite Church, the largest organization of the Devoted. Though many of Sigmar's faithful desire to preach and convert through peaceful means, there are just as many or more who choose to convert people at the edge of a blade.[5b]

The Azyrite Church is deeply and intrinsically intertwined with the culture of Azyr. The extensive, bureaucratic organization is led by the Arch War-Priestess, who rules from the city of Azyrheim. Though much of the day-to-day maintenance and running of the church is given over to lesser clergy.[5b]

The Order of Azyr, another off-shoot of the Devoted of Sigmar, is said to act directly under the authority of the God-King, placing them firmly outside the authority of the Azyrite Church or the Grand Conclaves of the Free Cities.[5b]

The Devoted are found all throughout the Free Cities of Sigmar's civilization, playing a vital role in the purification of the lands they are built on, inspiring others through word or example, or leading crusades against his foes.[2b][5a][5b][13][21]

There are sects of Sigmar's faithful that survived the Age of Chaos and seek to rejoin the fold, though it is not unheard of for conflict to arise between these disparate pockets of the faithful and the Azyrite Church.[2b][5b]

The membership of the devoted is as diverse and myriad as the number of denominations and cults found within Sigmarite religion. Their ranks are full of everything from elite, professional warriors and bombastic orators to the zealous fanatics of the flagellants and those masterful manipulators who revel in any such organization.[5b]


The crafters of Sigmar's faithful are known to honour their martial god through the creation of weapons. While warhammers remain the most common choice, barbed flagellant whips and blessed swords are popular alternatives. As are charms that lend strength and stamina.[7a]


Many of the greatest heroes and martyrs of the Devoted of Sigmar are canonized as Celestial Saints, their deeds and names remembered by the God-King himself. Those individuals canonized as saints are fondly remembered and often venerated by the Devoted.[9a][10a]


The following is a list of known scripture of the Sigmarite faiths:

Wargear and Relics


Titles and Ranks

The following is a list of titles and ranks used by the many sects of the Devoted:


Devoted of Sigmar
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