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Dessina Avaranthe was a Soulblight vampire, the first born of a noble family who was transformed into a vampire in the Age of Myth. [1a]

This page contains spoilers for: Neferata: Mortarch of Blood (novel)


Invariably clad in armour, she also bears a large medal beneath it with Avaranthe coat of arms: twin dragons coiling their tails around a spear of gold. [1b]


In the age of Sigmar, the vampire lord Venzor, the regent for Arkhan the Black in Nulahmia recruited her to act as warrior-advisor, having heard stories of the survivors of House Avaranthe still fighting against Neferata, century after century. [1b]

Unknown to him Dessina was an secret agent of Neferata’s and had been since her conversion to undeath, something hidden even to the Mortarch’s other spies, her every action projecting her queen’s will, proving her worth a thousand times over. [1c]

However her service was never enough for she still felt the shame of her family and she was only able to finally purge that shame by a sacrificial act in the Age of Sigmar which enabled the queen to not only defeat an invading army of Khorne Bloodbound but also reclaim her city from an agent of Arkhan the Black. [1c]


You are here. Join your strength to ours, firstborn of the broken House of Avaranthe and last of that line. You fought well for Nulahmia against the forces of Lord Lascilion, and you fought for a ruler who did not deserve your prowess. Fight with all your passion now. Be the leader you are destined to be. Avenge your house at last.

~ Venzor to Dessina Avaranthe .[1b]


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