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Despoiler Hordes are the rarest and amongst the most dreaded Slaves to Darkness Hordes, for in most cases they are led by Daemon Princes - those few champions that have achieved the immortality they so crave. These beings have returned to command their former warbands - or assemble new armies of devoted from across the realms - and seek to spread corruption to every corner of creation. Most Despoiler Hordes will contain but one Prince, for these ascended beings are jealous and egotistical to a fault. However, there are some that ruled by multiple daemons; these are fraught alliances at best, kept intact only through complex webs of competing rivalries and hellish pacts.[1a] The warbands that follow a Despoilers lord will all share the allegiance of the ruling Daemon Prince, and many will be counted amongst the Godtouched; with the power of the Dark Gods flowing through them, they are capable of tearing apart armies many times their size, their unstoppable path of destruction seeing the very realms remade in an image far more pleasing to the insidious nature of pure Chaos.[1a]

Where these ruinous beings walk the land cracks and writhes, thick palls of blackness manifesting as the Realm of Chaos seeps into the bedrock of reality. Despoiler Hordes are often smaller than other types of hordes, for only the mightiest can withstand the presence of a Daemon Prince for long. Alongside them lope all manner of hideous, mutated monsters, drawn to the chaotic aura of a Daemon Prince and invigorated by the dark energies that surround them.[1a] These energies form thick carpets of darkness that follow the Despoilers, the very light of Hysh swallowed by their unclean presence. This blackness serves the monstrous beings and elite warriors that attend the most powerful Daemon Princes well; under its obscuring cover, they charge into the enemy with murderous desire filling their souls.[1b]


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