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Demesnus was once one of the grandest centres of learning in southern Ghyran, a reputation it managed to maintain even well into the Age of Chaos. Though it would eventually be sacked in the time of Garradan and again during the Order of the Fly's retreat to the Verdeant Bay. once one of greatest centres of learning of in southern Realm of Ghyran [1][2a] Since it's restoration the city has become one of the largest fish markets in southern Ghyran.[1]


It had started as a collection of simple bulrush huts, grew to be a village with a thick palisade of marsh-oak and, finally, a great city of imported stone, flanked on two sides by extensive wharfs and quays. [1]

In the Age of Chaos and the early part of the Age of Sigmar it suffered several direct assaults and brutal sieges by the followers of Chaos. Much had been ruined and left so, whole blocks of the city faltering under the weight of the encroaching vegetation of the realm. Broken structures slumped beneath spreading trees and clinging vines, which created impromptu parks which later became orchards, or even communal gardens. [1]

In the Age of Sigmar Gardus Steel Soul destroyed a nascent daemon of Nurgle in the ruins of the Great Hospice he had built as a mortal. [1]


The city guard of Demesnus stand out in their ochre-coloured uniforms and armour made from troggoth-hide. [1]


The Ruling Council of Demesnus is comprised of members of the Rushes, leading families descended from the people that built the first bulrush huts on the shores of the Quamus River.[1]


The majority of the city's residents choose Alarielle the Everqueen as their patron goddess, with Sigmar's cult making up only a small fraction of the city.[1]


Traders travel along the Quamus River to reach the city of Demesnus, trading textiles such as bales of cloth from Verdia and bolts of silk from distant lands for the salted fish the city is known for. The salted fish is then destined for the markets of other cities, such as Hammerhal[1]


  • Grand Hospices: There have been four – all having been destroyed – the first was founded by the nobleman, Garradan who would become Lord-Celestant Gardus Steel Soul [1]
  • Quamus Wharfs:[1]


Demesnus is home to mostly weavers and fisherfolk. Its citizens notably have a fierce interest in the written word, despite the average citizen being only nominally literate.[1]


  • Human
    • Carazo: A former warrior-priest who was infected by Moss-Leprosy, worshiping Saint Garradan and Sigmar in the ruins of the first Great Hospice. [1]
    • Dumala: A young woman who assists Carazo and who helped stand against Chaos with Gardus Steel Soul. [1]
    • Garradan: he built the first great hospice and tried to defend it against the daemons of Chaos, he was later revered as a Saint by some in the city whilst his mortal soul was claimed by Simgar and reforged to become Gardus Steel Soul.[1]
    • Sargo Wale: He was a powerful merchant in the Age of Sigmar originally from the Realm of Aqshy.[1]
    • Yare: A philosopher who the Hallowed Knights rescued from the Sargasso Citadels of Verdant Bay and who although blinded returned to teaching in Demesnus, guarded by his gryph-hound Dullus. [1]


It’s Demesnus. It doesn’t change. It just sinks a bit deeper into the bulrushes. What does one of your sort want here anyway? There’s nothing here but mud, fish and moss-lepers.

~ Captain Fulda to Gardus Steel Soul.[1]