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Deintalos the Exile is a Vampire living in self-imposed exile in Harrowdeep, together with his Prentice Marcov and the rest of his Exiled Dead Underworlds Warband.[1][2]


Deintalos lives in self-imposed exiled for experimenting with the Force Dynamic, a form of necromancy that is taboo in the Realm of Shyish. He believes that the Force Dynamic is what animates all things and has used it to create Arcwalkers by combining cadavers with arcane machinery. These minions protecting by generating a field of arco-electric energy.[1][2]

As a wizard he can throw Dynamic Bolts and cast the spell Channelled Dynamism, which allows him to empower the speed of his minions with the Force Dynamic.[2]

His apprentice Marcov helps him with casting and unbinding spells.[2]


He is armed with a Stave Dynamic, which he can use the power stored within to reamimate his undead minions.[2]



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