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The Deepengnaw is the sub-realm where the Shadow Council of Verminlords meet to interpret the will of the Great Horned Rat.[1a]


The only known entrance to the Deepengnaw is via a gnawhole in a crack behind the warpstone throne reserved for the Great Horned Rat in the Masterburrow where the Council of Thirteen meets. This portal is so heavily warded that no mortal could survive passage; it is used only by Skreech Verminking to bring the Great Horned Rat's orders to the Council of Thirteen.[1a]


The size and shape of the Deepengnaw is constantly in flux. Its edges cycle unpredictably between various unpleasant motifs reminiscent of the nature of skaven and their Great Clans - quivering flesh, choking smog, shifting shadows, scrabbling masses of claws and fangs, and others besides. There is always the sound of scratching and scrabbling at the edge of hearing, and the sensation of being watched by unseen eyes is omnipresent. The realm is lit in strange shades of green and grey, with mists and shadows with no clear source often obscuring vision. Lightning arcs through the air unpredictably, illuminating the area for scant moments before the shadows return. A chill wind moans through wastes covered in well-gnawed bones, and in the distance an immense bell tolls eternally.[1a]

The ever-shifting membership of the Shadow Council meets at a huge sigil of the Great Horned Rat carved from warpstone and brass. When these Verminlords meet, each stands on a dias suited to their nature such as tormented flesh, clammy darkness, or strange machinery.[1a]