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The Chaos Legionnaires are a martial warband who worship the Dark Master Be'lakor.[1]


They are an enemy hiding in plain sight. They uphold a secret religion known as the Dark Creed, which holds the belief that Be'lakor - not Archaon - is the rightful Everchosen champion of Chaos. In their minds, Archaon is merely an imposter and though they spread that notion wherever they can, they know it is a battle to be fought in the shadows. The Chaos Legionnaires fight on the fringes of the greater Chaos hordes, targeting those yet to fall into the orbit of the Everchosen, converting them join the faithful of Be'lakor instead. The cult spreads in whispers, secrecy is a far better shield than hellforged plate. At the periphery of war, they propagate their bloody agenda by winning victoriy in their true master's name, achieving more with the axe than any preacher could with words alone.[2a]



As the head of a Legionnaire cell, Decuriarchs use their fighting prowess to dominate lesser mortals in Be'lakor's name and grow their master's secret army.[3]


While few Legionnaires display visible mutations, Mutandors embrace the gifts of their dark master and combine mortal skill with daemonic power.[3]


Hornhelms are the mailed fist of Be'lakor's private army, crushing enemy warbands and unwilling accomplices alike with two-handed weapons. With no need for a heavy shield, Hornhelms swing their axes and maces in great wide arcs, smashing through enemy armour like paper. Few servants of Chaos respect anything besides raw strength, making the brutal Hornhelms a useful tool of persuasion in the Dark Master's schemes.[3]


Hornshields are well-trained fighters, equally effective with sword, axe, or mace in hand, and form the hard core of their warband. The leering daemon faces on the eponymous Hornshields look like simple adornments, but secretly display the warband's allegiance to Be'lakor. When an attempt to sway new followers fails, Hornshields rely on their thick armour and shields to defend against the Everchosen's faithful.[3]



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