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The Deathsworn were the elite guard and retinue of Namos Saskarid, senescal of the Varanspire.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

When the armies of Katakros and Olynder invaded the Eightpoints en masse, the Tongueless Lord sent a psychopomp messenger to Namos Saskarid to amass the hordes of the Eightpoints and direct them towards the Endgate. Among the warriors summoned were the Deathsworn, Saskarid's own elite guard.[1a]

The battle to come, Saskarid's Charge, saw the Deathsworn charge toward the beleaguered Dreadhold of Karheight accompanied by a multitude of warbands from across the Eightpoints including elements of the Splintered Fang, Iron Golems, Cypher Lords, Untamed Beasts, and Unmade, their charge piercing through the emerald light of the Nighthaunt hordes with aid from the Unbound Flux unleashed by the Tongueless Lord. For a time it seemed the Nighthaunts would be routed.[1b]

Then an aura of freezing cold erupted across the surroundings of the Karheight signalling the arrival of Olynder, Mortarch of Grief. Her overwhelming aura of sorrow slowed the advance of the forces of Chaos, the arrival of three Black Coaches turning the tide further in the favour of the Nighthaunt. In a last brave charge the Deathsworn, led by Saskarid, attempted to slay Olynder but were slaughtered by the undead.[1c]


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