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The Deathrattle Kingdoms are found scattered all across the ruined cities and nations of the Mortal Realms, especially Shyish. These kingdoms are largely comprised of those barrows and crypts that remain within the ruins of fallen nations. They are populated by the skeletal remains of those who once lived in the kingdoms that once surrounded these tombs.[1a][3a]


Most Deathrattle Kingdoms are ruled over by a Wight King, powerful skeletal lords who retain their intelligence, who command the skeletal legions of their nation to move against all threats to their power, both real and imagined.[1a][2a]


The bulk of a Deathrattle Kingdom's armed forces will be comprised of Deathrattle, mindless skeletal warriors armed with ancient and pockmarked weaponry, who at the simplest command from their Wight Kings can muster in perfect order. Seeing such legions march to war is considered a chilling sight.[2a]


These undead nations, built on the ruins of those that came before, are most often populated by the skeletal remains of those who lived in the nations that came before.[1a]

Notable Kingdoms


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