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The icy depths of the Deathgorge after the advent of the Everwinter.

The Deffgorge or Deathgorge is a canyon in Bjarl in the Ghurish Heartlands.[1a] The Everwinter seems to have taken hold permanently in the region, emanating out to freeze the continent around it.[3a]


The Ironjawz believe that when an unnamed Megaboss complained about there being no monsters to fight, Gorkamorka used his toenail to carve the Deffgorge and then dumped a bag full of gargants in it. Until the arrival of the Everwinter, orruks gathered at the Deffgorge to undertake a test known as the Deff-Blitz.[2b][3a]


The Deff-Blitz was a challenge undertaken by orruks wanting to show how hard they were. It involved a run of a gauntlet consisting of the length of the Deffgorge, trying to avoid being eaten by the hungry gargants. When warclans gathered for a proper Deff-Blitz demonstration, the hordes of orruks watching the blitzers from the edge of the gorge debated the exact specifications of what not being eaten means and exactly how much of a limb could be lost before an attempt is a failure, but in general any orruk who made it all the way through the gauntlet was considered to have proven himself.[2b]


  • Troggoth's Tongue: The uneven brown slope that winds its way down to the floor of the gorge.[2b]
  • Deadman's Gullet: The stone mouth at the bottom of the Troggoth's Tongue that the rivers that flow into the Deffgorge empty into.[2b]
  • Wyrmways: Passages carved by rimewyrms that go deep beneath the surface and spread far from the gorge.[3a]


The Deffgorge was inhabited by a great number of gargants who lived in caves in the walls of the canyon and eat anyone or anything that strayed too close.Many of the gargants joined Gordrakk's Waaagh! in the wake of the battle for the Mawgate in the Realmgate Wars.[2a][2b] After the Realmgate Wars, the remaining gargants were driven out by ogors of the Beastclaw Raiders, who also soon moved on, though the permanence of the Everwinter there has made the gorge a place of pilgrimage for its worshippers.[3c]


Unknown Age

  • At some point following Sigmar freeing Gorkamorka from Drakatoa, the latter passed through the area, depositing a number of artefacts from lost Anbarra that had been within its gelatinous form as it attempted to squeeze through the wyrmways in its depths.[3b]
  • Strange creatures are frozen in ice in the deepest wyrmways, dating back to before civilization came to Ghur.[4a]

Age of Sigmar

  • During the Realmgate Wars, the world-worm Fangathrak ventures close to the gorge while several Ironjawz warclans are gathered there, setting off a battle between the orruks, the Slaves to Darkness attempting to restrain the world-worm, and the Stormcast Eternals that results in the Crawlerforts restraining the worm being destroyed and Fanganthrak, and the Mawgate in its gullet, escaping beyond the control of both Chaos and Order.[2a]
  • The Beastclaw Raiders drive out the remaining gargants from the gorge. Unusually, the Everwinter remains when the alfrostun departs, killing much of the wildlife, freezing the gorge, and warping the local burrowing wyrms into rimewyrms.[3a]
  • With rumours of soul-stuff and ancient artefacts hidden in the depths of the gorge, as well as the possibility of deciphering the secrets of the Everwinter, explorers flock to the region despite the dangers.[3a]