Death Alliance Armoury

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Name Description Notes
Cursed Book [1] Cursed books are filled with the writing of the practitioners of necromancy. It radiates an aura of pure evil that affects nearby living creatures.
Cloak of Mists and Shadows [1] A cloak that can transform it wearer into a cloud of dark mists that can move quickly across the battlefield.
Black Amulet [1] An maleficent ebony jewel that can be used to store necromantic magic to unleash at a foe.
Tomb Blade [1] An evil weapon that steals the life energy of those it slays and uses it to vitalize the undead.
Ring of Immortality [1] A ring that prevent the death of its wielded once, transporting them away from danger and restores some of their power. It can only be used once and will only recharge when the next moon rises.
Sword of Unholy Power [1] A blade that helps it user summon minions of death to fight at their side. It pulses and glows with dark power.
Mortician's Pale Mask [2] A ivorywrought mask saturated with death magic, gifted by Olynder to one of her most trusted lieutenants. It allows it bearer to dominate recently vanquished spirits and bring them back to battle.

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