Deadly Venture (short story)

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Deadly Venture is a short story by Nick Horth which describes the search for a hidden treasure beneath Hammerhal Ghyra by Admiral Hengtsson. [1]

This page contains spoilers for: Deadly Venture (short story)


Arkanaut Admiral Hengtsson leads his crew into vast subterranean caverns beneath the city of Hammerhal Ghyra in search of a lost temple and a hidden treasure. His warship blasts its way into a great spherical chamber cloaked in untamed vegetation and finds a mysterious and apparently unguarded temple. [1]

However when he retrieves a seed like artefact that radiates powerful magic it awakens the plant like guardian that quickly overwhelms the admiral and his crew, even transforming his warship, the Dammerung into a garden. As he dies he is informed that only the faithful may look upon the secrets of the Jade Temple and live, by order of Sigmar himself. [1]


You’ve all heard the tales. There’s a temple filled with treasure hidden beneath Hammerhal Ghyra, and every tomb robber and cutpurse from here to Tempest's Eye wants a piece of the prize. Now I say to you – who beats the crew of the Dammerung to the mark, when there’s coin and glory to be had?

~Admiral Hengtsson to his crew . [1]


Published in White Dwarf January 2019.