Transient Isles

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The Transient Isles is a floating archipelago, an outpost of aelven civilisation within the Realm of Light. They are made of immense, black stone covered in evergreen fauna and hanging high in the air, drifting over an endless azure sea, with waters so clear that shoals of Glimmerfish could be seen from high above.[1][4b]

A powerful Chaos Sorcerer once tried to bring them down, by corrupting a shard of pure realmstone that would late be known as the Stone of Falling Skies, successfully taking down two before he was stopped by the mages of the Eldritch Council, sacrificing three Archmages in a spell-trance to keep the artefacts fell from taking down the rest. [1][4a]


To continue protecting the isles the Dawnspire was built on its outer edge on one of the smaller isles in the floating archipelago. It looks like an sleek and elegant spear of white marble tipped with banners of crimson and cerulean bearing the sigils of the sea dragon of the Spireguard of the Transient Isles. It was made to contain objects of immense power, specially the Stone of Falling Skies. It is protected by the most elite Swifthawk Agents of the Isles, the Guardians of the Dawnspire. It is observed by the seer of the White Tower of Synarsis, ready to send an Archmage and its Swordmaster bodyguards at a moments notice. The Skaven Warlord Ripsnikk and his Ripsnikk's Raiders tried to conquer the Dawnspire from its aelven guardians, entering the floating isle through a gnaw-hole.[1][2][3][4b]