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Artefacts of Power

Heroes of the Daughters of Khaine may take a Gift of Mortathi, those who are wizards may take a Artefact of Shadow instead whilst those who are Priests may take a Relic of Khaine instead.

Artefacts of Shadow

Artefacts of Shadow[1]
Name Description Notes
Crystal Heart The heart of the wizard is now made of crystal that holds magical power she can draw upon, but it may crack....
Rune of Ulgu The shifting rune is inscribed on the hero, granting her additional knowedlge of the Lore of Shadow
Seven-fold Shadow The sorceress's shadow is alive and can carry her through the shadow realm to another location.
Shade Claw A claw dipped in a gloom lake which can ignore armour as shifts in and out of reality.
Shadow Stone A dark realmstone artefact that assist in the casting of shadow magic.
The Mirror Glaive Polished realmglass can reflect enemy magic.

Gift of Morathi

Gift of Morathi[1]
Name Description Notes
Amulet of Dark Fire Magic spells aimed at the wearer can be consumed by the fire that cloaks him.
Bloodbane Venom A extremely deadily poison.
Crone Blade The sword drinks the life of the enemies that the wielder slays
Crown of Woe The first alter ot Khaine was used to forge this crown which drains the will to fight of nearby enemies
Cursed Blade An artefact of the World-that-Was that seeks enemy organs when attacking.
Thousand and One Dark Blessings The hero is blssed by Morathi herself and hence better protected from harm.

Relics of Khaine

Relics of Khaine[1]
Name Description Notes
Blood Sigil A token given only to the highest ranked in the cult of Khaine it is infused with his power
Crimson Shard A powerful blade said to be forged from a silver of Khaines own sword.
Hagbrew The potent brew of a priestess can infuse the drinker with strength
Iron Circlet A Slaughter Queen was sacrificed to quench the headband which is filled with the power of Khaine.
Khainite Pendant Prayer to the god is quick and easy but dangerous to those who might not be compltely pure in his sight.
Rune of Khaine The forehead of the chosen one is inscribed with a rune that will smite any enemy that harm them.

General Weapons

General Weapons[1]
Name Wielder Notes
Avatar of Khaine's Sword Avatar of Khaine
Barbed Javelin Khinerai Heartrenders Melee and Missile Weapon
Barbed Sickle Khinerai Lifetakers
Barbed Whip Sisters of Slaughter, Handmaiden
Blade of Khaine Hag Queen, Slaughter Queen
Bloodwrack Spear Bloodwrack Medusa
Cursed Scimitar Doomfire Warlock, Master of Warlocks
Doomfire Crossbow Doomfire Warlock, Master of Warlocks Missile weapon
Heartrender Morathi,
Heartseeker Bow Blood Stalker, Krone Missile Weapon
Heartshard Glaive Blood Sister, Gorgai
Sacrificial Knives Blood Seekers, Krone, Witch Aelves, Hag,
Whisperclaw Bloodwrack Medusa

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