Daughter of the King of All Ravens

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The Daughter of the King of All Ravens is the leader of the Ninety-Nine Feathers, a war-cabal of skin-changers and sorcerers who serve the King of All Ravens. [1]

The mistress of the cabal has no name that any sage is aware of – she is simply known as Daughter of the King of All Ravens. [1][2]


When she takes humanoid form her helmet is shaped like the skull of a raven, her long hair spilling down across her shoulders and the black feathers of her cloak. Pitch black chainmail is sometimes visible through her dark robes. Her voice is harsh, like the croak of a raven. [1]


Her Cabal were enlisted by Zazul Of the Radiant Veil who was attempting to divert the course of Gordrakk, the Fist of Gork, even attempting his assassination but he was defeated by the Orruk and Lord-Celestant Zephacleas.

They later entered the service of Yuhdak of the Ninefold Path, last prince of the City of Tiers who was attempting to locate the Spear of Shadows, she and the sorcerer became relatively friendly in the course of the pursuit and she delivered several gifts to him beyond her obligations - A gift, from servant to kindly master. One of several.[1]


Drop your weapons. All of them. No – wait. Take that one in your belt, and shoot the duardin. He offends me.

~ The Daughter of the King of All Ravens to Owain Volker.[1]


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