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The Darkwalkers are a Beasts of Chaos Greatfray who live in the deepest forests and most remote places of the Mortal Realms.[1a][1b]


The Darkwalkers are masters of ambush. They prefer to draw enemy armies, then slowly whittle away at them until they can finally surround and finish them off. The Darkwalkers are nomadic, wandering throughout the realms with seemingly instinctive knowledge of where realmgates will take them; they will even make use of unseen portals to disorient and separate their foes, picking off confused enemies piecemeal.[1a][1b]


Chaos Lords often seek out the Darkwalkers' knowledge of remote places and secret ways by offering sacrifices at the Greatfray's Herdstones. In return, the Darkwalkers act as guides for the lords' armies, leading them to the places their enemies are most vulnerable. This sometimes causes tension with more dogmatic members of other Greatfrays, but the Darkwalkers view allying with the god-worshippers as furthering their own goals of anarchy and desecration.[1a]


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