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Darkoath Savagers (left) fighting Tarantulos Brood (right).

Darkoath Savagers are warbands of Slaves to Darkness who have taken the Darkoath. They make brutal war across the length and breadth of the Mortal Realms as they scream blood-curdling bows to the Ruinous Powers. To these barbarous marauders, each new dawn is an opportunity to win the favour of the Dark Gods. They accomplish this by swearing fell oaths, which they believe are witnessed by the Dark Gods themselves. These oaths range from vowing to strike the head from an enemy champion to offering their blades to one of the dread Varanguard in person. A Darkoath's pledges are fastidiously recorded upon stone tablets and scrimshawed bone fragments that are borne into battle. To break such a vow is seen as the foulest of crimes, and so Darkoath warriors fight with an incontestable will to see their pacts fulfilled, headless of danger and clad only in furs to prove their courage.[1a]



God-speakers are cunning sages who commands dread mystical powers. Those who seek to swear an oath to the Dark Gods often seek their counsel before doing so.[2a]


Forged in battle and blood, the Slaughterborn lead the Darkoath Savagers. These hulking brutes wear the colossal skulls of vanquished foes for helmets and wield weapons big and cruel enough to cleave most mortals in twain. The Slaughterborn may greataxes for their cleavability and size, attributes highly prized in the Eightpoints.[3]


The Proven are the Darkoath's elite – muscle bound warriors who've spilled blood in countless battles. They prize savagery above all else, and any who oppose them will soon come to know it. Armed with weapons second in size only to those of the Slaughterborn, the Proven fight furiously to further their own standing – and for the glory of Dark Gods. Darkoath Savagers wear trophies taken from their defeated prey. Belt Buckles worn by The Proven are larger than those worn by Gloryseekers, as they overcome ever-larger foes. The Dark Gods care not whether blade or blunt object makes a kill, and the wet crunch of breaking bone is as sweet to the ears of the Darkoath Savagers as the sigh of any sword stroke.[3]


Aspirants within the Darkoath Savagers warband, Gloryseekers are made all the more dangerous by their desire to prove themselves. Low-ranking they may be, but Gloryseekers are consummate combatants with all manner of weaponry – bladed or otherwise. Swift and dextrous, this furiously flailing Gloryseeker spells a gruesome and abrupt end for any who might stand before them. Darkoath Savagers carry oathstones at their belts, and Gloryseekers will hold to theirs by any means available – not least the keen blade of an axe.[3]


The male and female Proven miniatures bear a resemblance to popular depictions of Robert E. Howard's classic sword and sorcery character Conan the Barbarian and the comic-book character Red Sonja, respectively.



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