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Darkoath Chieftain miniature.

Darkoath Chieftains are skilled Darkoath warriors who have brought large numbers of Chaos tribes under their control which are they rule with an iron fist. Their strength and ruthlessness have made them notable survivors under the dominion of Chaos and have set themselves in the Path to Glory. Their every deed is meant to win the favour of the Dark Gods and many mighty rivals and great beasts have fallen at their hands while innumerable oaths have been sworn to the dark gods of Chaos in order to receive their gifts.[1][2a][3]


In battle they lead their barbarian tribes with the fury, conviction of the truly devoted and a desire to seek greater challenges in the field. Charging into battle with boundless ferocity their blows reap a fearsome toll of lives while they exhort the barbarians under them to fight on even when death claims them.[2a][2b]


Darkoath Chieftains are renowned for their skill-at-arms and are known to carry a War Axe or Warlord Axe and a Cursed Broadsword into battle.[2a][2b]



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