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The Darkoath are a mysterious group of Slaves to Darkness named after their practice of swearing great oaths to the Dark Gods, recording these pacts upon graven stone tablets. Although this is not uncommon among the followers of Chaos the regularity at which the Darkoath make such vows and fulfil them has become infamous. The warleaders of the Darkoath command the barbarous tribes with a unity and strength of purpose that puts them among the most dangerous foes of civilisation.[1]

The Darkoath do not swear themselves to any one god allowing them to attract many boons much to the envy of those that could not resist dedicating their souls to a single patron for so long and the Chaos Gods desire these strong, unclaimed souls so much so that they will offer the greatest of rewards in an effort to sway them. [1]

Tribes with a high proportion of barbarous Marauders are particularly favoured by the Darkoath, and in turn are eager to follow these champions into battle. Thus Hordes of the Ravagers contain a greatest number of Darkoath. Though they share a similar philosophy concerning how to attract the favour of the gods, there is little unity amongst the ranks of the Darkoath with mastery being based on the strength to impose one’s will. The greatest Darkoath have yoked vast numbers of tribesmen to their cause, whipping them into a frenzy as they drive them into battle. That many will fall is of no concern to the Darkoath. After all, sacrifices must always be made to ensure their oaths to the gods are kept.[1]


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