Darkling Covens Armoury

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Weapons and Artefacts used by the Darkling Covens faction.


Name Description Notes
Shadowshroud Ring

This obsidian ring emits a cloud of black shadow that hides the bearer if it is turned round the wearer's finger three times.
Incorporeal Retainer A creature of pure shadow that protects a Sorceress by deflecting strikes.
Anklet of Epiphany A cuff that allows its wearer to draw power from the buried energies hidden in the Realm since the Age of Myth.
Decanter of Egos A crystalline flask used by a Sorceress to store the souls of those she bewitches. She can apportion the stored animus amongst her thralls.
Heart of Woe A amulet that becomes infused with the life-force of its wearer. Should they be slain the blackened gem explodes with spiteful energy.
Shadesliver A thin-bladed dagger that becomes deadlier each time it is bathed in the blood of its victims. It was forged from the folded shadow of a sleeping god.


Name Wielder
Cruel Dagger Darkshard
Darkling Spear Dreadspear
Darkling Sword Bleaksword
Sorceress on Black Dragon
Ebon Halberd Black Guard
Executioner's Draich Executioner
Repeater Crossbow Darkshard
Witch Lash Sorceress on Black Dragon
Witch Rod Sorceress on Black Dragon
Witchstaff Sorceress

Body Parts

Name Wielder
Fearsome Jaws Black Dragon
Noxious Breath Black Dragon
Razor-Sharp Claws Black Dragon

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