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The Dankhold Troggbosses are the rulers of the Dankholds. Troggbosses are huge brutes, and often the eldest of their subspecies with ensorcelled fungi, stalagmitic deposits and layers of dripping slime. Such is their strength they can crumple an armoured warrior into so much wreckage and bloody pulp with their bare fists.[2b]

Troggbosses exude a subconscious sense of power and authority to which subterranean beasts instinctively bow to. This allows them to lead not only Troggoths but all kinds of other creatures as well. When they come to the surface they are followed by segmapedes, gitgrabbers, Bat Squigs and countless other troglodytic critters, some may even be adopted as favoured pets by the Troggboss. Troggoths flock behind it in instinctive acceptance while grots hide in the Troggboss' reassuring shadow. In battle entire ranks of enemies are destroyed with his giant club while his tough hide regrows by the moments. Many Troggbosses pluck glowing treasures from their fallen victims because their appreciation of their shine which often results in many unintentionally bearing talismans of sorcerous protection, luck charms and other strange arcana.[2b]



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