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Dakkbad Grotkicker is the Orruk Megaboss ruler of the Ironsunz, one of the largest warclans of Ironjawz to fight in Gordrakk's Waaagh!. Dakkbad rose to leadership of this warclan on a trail of broken bones and bashed-in skulls. Everyone knows that Dakkbad is cunning and some orruks believe he's aiming for Gordrakk's position.[1]

Having emerged through the Arch of Secrets, Dakkbad invaded the Nightlands of the Realm of Shyish, the domain of Queen Aylessa, a vampire and member of the Lahmian Sisterhood in the service of Queen Neferata. He first assaulted the city of Crookback on the River of Souls which drew the attention of Aylessa as sailed on her barge-keep to aid her mistress. Despite her best efforts she was unable to stop his rampage and he even destroyed her ship. She has since sworn vengeance upon him.[2]

Dakkbad rides Skullzcrakka, a large Maw-Krusha, and earned his name Grotkicker for his sneakiness. He is looking for Megaboss Grugek who he thinks has stolen his favourite boss choppa.[2]

He slew the Daemon Prince Synlesha Paleblood with a well-placed headbutt.[3]


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