Dais Arcanum

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The Dais Arcanum is a Endless Spell of Azyrite magic used by the wizards of the Stormcast Eternals. It manifests as a circular platform, inscribed with the icons of the 8 winds of magic, and orbited by three twin-tailed comets that repels a realmsphere's gravity.[1][2][3]


The spell can only be summoned by a Stormcast Eternal wizard who calls down a single bolt of lightning which strikes the ground at their feet, leaving behind a perfect sigmarite disc. Alighting upon it, the wizard is carried into the air.[1][2]


Those that ride on top of it are able fly by its ability to repel gravity, glide on arcane currents to evade incoming attacks and use the magical energies of a Dais Arcanum that are attuned with those of the wizard that rides upon it. [1][2]