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The Daggboyz are the core of veteran Ironjawz orruks who form the most trusted followers of Overboss Ka-rokk of Da Choppas.[1a]


These orruks are especially good at getting the other Ironjawz riled up and are experts at the signature vandalism and desecration of Da Choppas. Their exploits are so notorious that commanders of Dawnbringer Crusades in Rondhol have offered a bounty of settlement within a prime domicile for any Dawner who presents the head of a Daggboy to their corporal-at-arms.[1a]


The Daggboyz are distinguished by their navy armour covered in chequered patterns and triangular "dags".[1a]


  • Mogger Krump: A Warchanter.[2a] He is generally regarded as a bit too cunning for his own good. When Ka-rokk sent him to bring the gargant tribes of the Bitingsea coast into the Waaagh! surging across Rondhol, he spread the rumour that a gargant called Hoon the Hoarder had challenged all comers to try to take his treasures. This drew the coastal gargants to the heartlands, where they distracted local Order and Chaos forces, allowing the Waaagh! to continue south relatively unmolested.[2a]
  • Garbog: A heavily scarred Brute who was sent to secure an alliance with the local grot tribes, probably because he had displeased Ka-rokk in some way. After much searching, he found some grots around Lake Retch by falling into some caverns. After encountering some grots and one of his Kruleboyz guides letting slip that the Waaagh! was heading to the strongpoint of Brinnock, the grots agreed to join the attack. Garbog returned to the Waaagh!, but left some of the Kruleboyz behind to find out the extent of the caverns around the lake.[2a]
  • Boomin' Trokka: A Warchanter who was sent to rile up the ogors of the Hartgulpers, an offshoot of the Bloodgullet Mawtribe, and get them onside. Unfortunately, he was so good at riling things up that he roused the Bloodspike Peak and caused an avalanche that wiped out the Hartgulpers' feast-hall on its slopes. The tribe split, with some joining the Waaagh! at this sign of power and others deciding to go to war with Da Choppas for destroying their hall.[2a]
  • Kazgrak da Hamma: A notoriously bad-tempered orruk who aimed to be the first of Da Choppas to reach Everquake City. The spearpoint of the Waaagh!, his Brawl defeated a flotilla from Barak-Nar sent to investigate the situation at Brinnock before being ambushed by the Kraken Blades Stormhost while shooting the Diamondback Rapids. [3a]
  • Big Wardrogg: Became so frustrated with the difficulty of finding a way through the shifting mountains of Lendu that he ordered his maw-krusha and boyz to attack the rocks, causing such a surge of Waaagh! energy that Ka-rokk was able to blast a path through the mountains by summoning a great green fist.[4a]