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A miniature of a Daemonsmith.

Daemonsmiths are Duardin wizards of the Legion of Azgorh. They covet power and strength above all things and other living creatures are chattel to be used and discard on any of their whims.[1]


Daemonsmiths are wizards that can cast the Arcane Bolt, Mystic Shield and Ash Storm spells, the last of which allows them to summon a choking cloud of blisteringly hot ash that blinds and confused any who are enveloped by it. They are smith who combine their magic with their craft and often wear arcane armour they make into battle.[1]


They are armed with either Darkforged Weapons or Pyre Rune Staves.[1]

When going into battle they carry the Blood of Hashut an incendiary alchemical substance that liquifies flesh and turns metal into a burst of all-consuming flames.[1]

They wear ensorcelled armour of their own creation and saturated with infernal magic, that feeds on the blood of its wearer to empower the protective spells on them, helping them unbind spells if they have been wounded.[1]



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