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Daemonic Gifts Traits and weapons intrinsically bound to the essence of the daemon itself

Daemonic Powers

Daemonic Powers
Name Description Notes
Aspect of Tzeentch The Daemon has the merest fraction of the Architect of Fate’s power but even so it means it can then manipulate the path of destiny.
Aura of Mutability The Daemon shifts and adjust to have the best chance of injuring its adversaries.
Cursed Ichor Baleful and strange fluids take the place of the blood in a mortal creature, erupting when injured to cause harm to the daemons enemies.
Lord of Flux The very reality of the Mortal Realms rebels at the daemons presence, causing havoc with those enemies nearby.
Mark of the Conjurer Attuned to the flaws in the reality of the Mortal Realms, this daemon calls its fellow neverborn with ease.
Wellspring of Arcane Might A vessel for magical power which other daemons can call upon to aid their own spell casting.

Daemonic Weapons

Daemonic Weapons
Name Description Notes
Blade of Fate Although potentially dangerous to the wielder, the blade can prove a powerful weapon for those whose destiny are true to its own aims.
Phantasmal Weapons Not completely material, these weapons can pass through heavy armour with ease.
Pyrofyre Stave Shrouded in warpflame, the staff makes the wielders ranged attacks more potent.
Sentient Weapons Armour and cover are of little use against blades that guide themselves.
Souleater As the weapon devours the soul of its enemies, so its wielder grows more effective in battle.
Warpfire Blade Surrounded by warpfire, the blade is deadly against both the body and soul of those it strikes true.


Name Wielder Notes
Baleful Sword Lord of Change
Changestaff Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch
Ritual Dagger Herald of Tzeentch, Tzaangor Shaman
Rod of Sorcery Lord of Change
Staff of Change Herald of Tzeentch, Tzaangor Shaman
Staff of Tzeentch Lord of Change
Warptongue Blade Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch

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