Daemoniac Conundrum

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The Daemoniac Conundrum is a Tzeentchian daemon who was infamously banished from the Forbidden City, the only being to ever suffer such a fate, for his malevolence and trickery. Its banishment has done nothing to curb its jap[ery.[1a]


It loves to steal artefacts of great value and hide them in labyrinths of its own design.[1a]


Age of Chaos

During the Age of Chaos the Daemoniac Conundrum hid the Marrowcutter in the Howling Labyinth in the Realm of Ghur, which it supposedly raised itself.[1a]


Legends claim that it stole and hid away other weapons besides the Marrowcutter, such as other Eight Lamentations. Some legends even claim it stole Ghal Maraz and hid it in the Realm of Shadows.[1a]

There are those that claim it has no equal, even among the likes of other preeminent tricksters like the Changeling and Queen of Foxes.[1a]


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