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Fyreslayers battle Cyssandra

Cyssandra is a soulblight vampire in the service of Queen Neferata, the Mortarch of Blood. [1]

She is the blood sister of Yessanna and Aylessa. [1]


For many centuries she ruled the Grave Warrens, her minions harvesting the constant rain of dead bodies that fell into her realm. [2a]

Seeking to free themselves from her rule, the Gloom Tribes paid the Fyreslayers of the Greyfyrd Lodge to kill the vampire queen. Auric Runefather Hursgar-Grimnir led his warriors into her underground lands smashing through many undead from Zombies to lumbering giant skeletons as they approached her castle. [2a]

They breached the Tomb Maze and slaughtered her Necromancers so she unleashed her Terrorgheists but when Grimwrath Berzerker Braegrom shouted a long and inventive series of insults about her parentage and feeding habits, Cyssandra herself joined the fight. [2a]

Braegrom found her far too agile until he allowed her to stab him, grabbing the blade before she could withdraw it and stunning her with a powerful head-butt. [2a]

She was trapped in her coffin which was wrapped in chains and dragged away. [2a]


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