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Cypria, known as the City of Scholars, was a grand city of clockwork located in western Chamon. Like so many of the ancient nations of the Mortal Realms it was reduced to ruins in the Age of Chaos.[1a][2a]


Age of Chaos

At some point during this apocalyptic age, Cypria was invaded and reduced to not but ruins.[1a]

Age of Sigmar

With the coming of the Age of Sigmar and establishment of the God-King's Free Cities, members of the Ironweld Arsenal have set out to search for long-lost Cypria.[2a]


Before its fall the City of Scholars was a marvel of clockwork, from its military to its architecture.[2a] To the people of Cypria hope was an important virtue, upon which the doctrines of their civilization was built.[2b]


When the City of Scholars still stood it was defended by clockwork legions.[2a]


At least some denizens of the city, like Enyo, were faithful Sigmarites.[2a]


  • Great Scholariums: Places of learning within the city.[2a]

Notable Inhabitants