Cypher Lords

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The Cypher Lords are the rulers of the city-state of Nochseed in the Realm of Hysh.[1]

Whilst they worship Chaos secretly, they project the image of serene nobility, whilst inserting spies and thralls into the neighbouring cities and beyond. Lesser members are mind-leashed to their superiors and can be sent into battle as little more than puppets. [1b]


They worship Chaos as a protean entity of infinite possibilities and aspects that embodies madness and trickery [1a]


They seek the favour of Archaon and to act as his assassins and spymasters, spreading insanity across the Mortal Realms. [1a]


The Eyes of Nochseed

They place eyes made of silver and gold to allow the Cyper Lords to spy out secrets.[1a]



Driven insane they are filled with new insight and clarity into the beautiful madness of Chaos, they use powerful illusions on the battlefield. [2]


Mere mind controlled slaves and battlefield fodder for the more powerful members of the Lords. [2]


Deadily graduates of one of the sword colleges of Nochseed, they favour glaives or a pair of swords. [2]


Powerful mages that have mastered magic to control the minds of others, they are often armed with globes that contain a choking mist. [2]



Let madness reign.[a]


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