Cynder Peaks

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The Cynder Peaks is a group of smouldering volcanoes in the Realm of Aqshy.[1]

Furios Peak

Furios Peak stands out among the other volcanoes of the Cynder Peaks as the brightest of its ilk. Beneath it the Vostarg Fyreslayers have carved out a sprawling magmahold.[2b]

Burning Catacombs

A sprawling magmahold found beneath Furios Peak. It is home to the Vostarg Lodge, who have a reputation as brutal mercenaries and fearsome warriors. Magical pyromantic energies saturate the catacombs and metal can become infused with the firey magic.[1] [2a]

A massive Realmgate lies at the centre of the volcano and all the balefire realmgates in the catacombs are linked to it, making them too dangerous to use for travel, instead, the Fyreslayers use them to fuel their forges.[2a]

Other Locations

Flora and Fauna

Lava Seraphs dwell in the magma seas beneath the volcano and are often called to inflict wounds upon the enemies of the Fyreslayers.[2]

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