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Cyclestone of Ghyran

Cyclestone is the Realmstone of Ghyran, but is also known by other names like Jadeite or Swirlstone.[1][2a]

Many of the battles of the War of Life was fought over these deposits as many nurglites and their skaven allies sought to corrupt this realmstone.[2a]


It is in constant change a perfect representation of the natural cycles of that realm, often described as shimmering jade tendrils of vitality. It is most often recognised in it's solid form of jade ice, but it will quickly melt into a lurid emerald puddle that will then turn into a greeinsh cloud and eventually condense back into intricate frozen shapes. All these processes happen regardless of temperature.[1][2a]


Cyclestone radiates energies of growth and healing thus it is useful for all medicinal purposes including the production of healing potions and is used in both civilian infirmaries and military triage tents. Cyclestone is also used to produce fertiliser which are exported by Cities of Sigmar in Ghyran to Aqshy and Shyish sometimes with the cooperation of Sylvaneth but in some cases ignoring the protests of Sylvaneth. It is also believed to be a component of Aqua Ghyranis. Dawnbringer Crusades use raw cyclestone when aqualiths fail to purify their path. Sylvaneth in addition to using to cleanse the lands of corruption create swirling runes inlaid cyclestone on waystones to obfuscates the location of their groves with shifting masses of foliage and cyclestone charms are used to bolster spells to make entire Wyldwoods erupt fully-formed from the ground. While cyclestone can cleanse Chaos taint, it is not immune to corruption and the Maggotkin of Nurgle and the Skaven of Clan Pestilens use corrupted cyclestone that empowers unnatural plagues and mutated vermin.[2a][4a]

Even uncorrupted cyclestone has its dangers with those that are exposed to the realmstone growing many times their size and plants sprouting on their bodies. Cyclestone treats all life at every stage equally thus can cause population explosions of insects or other wild creatures or instantly age a creature to death.[4a]

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