Cursed City (Novel)

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Cursed City
Cursed City cover.jpg
Author(s) C L Werner
Released April 10, 2021
Pages 232

Cursed City is a novel by C L Werner.[1] This novel serves as the prequel and companion novel to Warhammer Quest: Cursed City.[2][3]

Cover Description

Ulfenkarn is a city of nightmares. Its vampiric rulers have indulged their bloodlust in every shadow-clad alley, turning the once-proud metropolis into a charnel house. Already crushed beneath the tyranny of Radukar the Wolf and his Thirsting Court, a spate of vicious murders plunges the mortal inhabitants into fresh terror. Emerging to uncover a connection between the attacks is an unlikely group of heroes: a vampire hunter from Carstinia, a slum-born vigilante, a ruthless wizard, and a soldier who is the last survivor of her noble bloodline. Arrayed against them are the undead monsters that thrive upon Radukar's gory regime. But a daring search for answers turns into a fight for survival when the Wolf himself descends his Ebon Citadel and joins the carnage in the streets...[1]