Cult of the Transient Form

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Icon of the Cult of the Transient Form.

The Cult of the Transient Form is a Tzeentch Arcanite Cult that favours mutation and change-magic.[1a]


The cult embraces mutation to the point that many of their human members seek to be transformed into Tzaangors, who they believe to be closer to Tzeentch. The Tzaangors are all to eager to oblige.[1b]

Even death is seen as not an end, but a transition to a new form of existence. This has resulted in what they call the Change-gift: It is not unknown for a cultist struck down with a mortal wound to twist and mutate, rising again as a Tzaangor or even a Chaos Spawn.[1c]


  • During the Nine Days of Equillax, covens from splinter-cults of the Cult of the Transient Form transformed entire human tribes to Tzaangors.[1b]


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