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The Cult Esoteric is a secret order that was founded by Tri'chlan, a scholar of the Grand Academy in Hammerhal Ghyra who sold his sold to Tzeentch for incredible knowledge.[1a]


After selling his soul to Tzeentch, Magister Tri'chlan set about founding the Cult Esoteric. He recruited individuals who, like himself, sought to learn knowledge forbidden by both the Collegiate Arcane and Eldritch Council. lurked in the city of Hammerhal Ghyra dedicated to finding and using secret and forbidden knowledge.[1a]

Known Members

Splinter Cult


Much knowledge is within easy reach, one only needs the stomach to seize it. My new brethren have taught me as much. Now, pass me my blade – the book says nine intact tongues are required for the Gibberhex to work, and I fear I did spoil the last one.!

~Rynald Ozkor .[1a]


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